Be In Charge Of Your Life Now!

Be In Charge Of Your Life Now!

One good way of gaining control back in your life is by subliminal messages. This kind of messaging system works by putting a secret message within another message. The subconscious mind is said to be able to pick up these subconscious messages and in effect you are able to do what ever the message tells you to do.

It can help you alter unwanted behaviors. For example, you want to stop smoking and have a much healthier life style. You can get a message that helps you stop smoking, or that you get an active lifestyle. Other behaviors too like anger management can be controlled as you get to control your emotions effectively.

Choose A Form

You can get these in various forms. They come in audio, video, and other visual forms. They can be in tapes, CD’s, prints, or just in the desktop of your computer. Often times there are companies that makes these subliminals and sells them for a price worth the changes. But unknown to most, there are also a lot of free subliminals available online.

These free subliminals can come in the form of audio tracks. They are easily downloadable and transferable. You can play it in your computer, burn it on a CD, ortransfer it to your MP3 player. One thing to remember is that you can’t compress the audio file because compression will take the effect away.

There are also free downloadable subliminal generating programs. You can install one of these programs and play it on your computer. These are customizable where you can put what behaviors you want to acquire. These are in visual forms most of the time, where the subliminal messages are flashed on your desktop for a very brief period of time.

Sublimely Manual—Doing It The Primitive Way

If you don’t have the budget to buy customized subliminals or if you can’t find a free audio subliminal that would best answer your need or if you don’t have your own device to be able to have every day access with your subliminal media, there is another way of sending subliminal messages to your mind without the need of technology yet absolutely free!

First off you need to have white flash cards and a black marker pen. You should have goals that you want to achieve. Then you write down in the flash card the word/s of the attitude/s of the goal that you are aiming for. An example would be you want to control your anger, thus you write it down clearly on the card.

The way you write it should be in a positive way like ‘I have control with my emotions.’ not ‘I can’t be angry.’ Because the subconscious mind can’t process words like ‘can’t’ and ‘don’t’ and the like. Then put the flashcards with a flashlight beside your bed, put your alarm on at 3 AM, turn off the lights and off you go to sleep.

At 3AM when the alarm sets off, get the flashlight and turn it on and off focusing the light to the flashcards. Flick the light on and of for a dozen times at each of the card and stare at the cards while doing this. When finished, you can go back to sleep. The rationale behind this is because your subliminal mind is most receptive at this hour and in the middle of deep sleep.

You may think that the process can be inconvenient; however this is one effective way to send free subliminals and change your life for good!