Digital Gifts – Say No To Bland Christmas Gift Giving

Digital Gifts – Say No To Bland Christmas Gift Giving

Each year — around this same time — it happens. We embark on that quest to find the perfect Christmas gift. Something a little less bland. Something a little more unique.

Make your quest a little easier this year by giving a digital gift.

And don’t let the name fool you. While the term “digital gift” doesn’t exactly inspire visions of Christmas day delight, a digital gift could just be the most imaginative present you give this year.

But what exactly is a digital gift?

A digital gift is a product like an ebook, a video, or a software program. You typically buy it from an online Web site, and it is immediately available after your purchase for downloading to your computer.

Perhaps you’ve never before thought of giving this kind of gift, because it’s not something that you can physically hold in your hands. It just doesn’t seem real enough.

But that’s exactly what makes it so unique. It’s a gift that embodies the essence of our modern Internet age — a lifestyle boldly seasoned with electronic belongings.

And the range of ideas for a digital gift goes on and on:

– For that budding chef you might consider a recipe book of healthy Chinese food.

– Golf enthusiasts might enjoy an ebook and video instructional set about how to improve their golf swing.

– Perhaps the techie on your list could use a year’s worth of quality Web site hosting.

– The exercise buff would undoubtedly appreciate in-depth information about how to develop chiseled abdominal muscles.

Of course after you purchase a digital gift, the question becomes, How do you wrap the thing? After all, the first “thing” you receive after you purchase a digital gift is an email describing how to download or access your purchase. And then the “things” you download are usually a set of computer files. What kind of wrapping paper could you possibly use for that?

This is where giving a digital gift can get really fun.

One idea is to include the download instructions in a Christmas eCard. Arrange for the eCard to be delivered on Christmas day. Imagine the puzzled look on your loved one’s face as he or she tries to figure out what the eCard instructions are all about.

Or you could burn the computer files to a CD. Then, wrap the CD in a big box, one about the size that would be needed if the digital gift were actual physical books and/or videos.

My personal favorite method is to purchase a USB flash drive (or thumb drive) and copy all of the computer files onto it. To do this, carefully cut a small slit in the thumb drive packaging. Then, without damaging the packaging, remove the drive and copy your files. When that’s done, carefully slip the drive back into the packaging and wrap it up.

Just imagine the fun you’ll have watching the gift recipient try to drum up enthusiasm for the gift of a thumb drive. Think about how you’ll enjoy dropping hints as you lead the gift recipient to the realization that the actual present is what’s contained on the drive.

So give a gift that’s sure to be unlike anything the special people on your list have ever received before. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary present that will spice up your gift giving. What could be more unique?