Employers Of Companies Using PDA’s

Employers Of Companies Using PDA’s

Some employers of corporate offices are using PDA’s with the use of the Excel Spreadsheet program to keep track of their many employees and their hours. The employers are not only able to keep track of their employees, but their schedules and the time that they have actually put in each week.

The employer can easily put the information in the appropriate area by using the stylus and touch screen, then later like at the end of the week, transfer the information onto a desktop computer where the employee records are kept. Each week a new spreadsheet is created and the records of the employees and the hours they worked are undisputable. This is effective if there is a discrepancy about the employee’s actual hours. The documents can be reviewed at any point, either from the desktop computer, or if it is in the middle of the week, through access of the PDA itself.

Many employers who have a lot of employees working for them will do this now. There are even independent contractors who keep these sort of files on a PDA, because different workers work different hourly shifts or different days. It is easier to keep track of them. Some employers also use the PDA for inventory or shipments that are coming or going. The files of the inventory can be saved on the PDA and also transferred to a main computer at a different location.

There are many uses for a PDA in the business field. And there are many programs designed for the PDA that you can purchase and install to assist you in the business field. Though some of the PDA’s come with some programs, you might not have the one you need. You can usually look on the Internet to find out if a program you need can actually be purchased for your PDA. If you can’t find a certain program for your business, that will work on your PDA try going to a business where computer software is sold. There are some places that can special order it for you. If it is available for use with your PDA. It may cost a bit more, but you’ll then have the program.

Construction site managers often use PDA’s now not only for the purpose of employees but also for the amount of progress done to the construction site has been done. For example the day concrete was poured, or wall beams were put in, all this information can be stored and dated on the PDA, and the on site manager of the construction site can then transfer the information to the main computer where it can be viewed by the actual owner of the construction site.

This gives the owner an idea of possibly an ending date, when the building will be finished, or if in certain areas there are more workers that are needed. And in some cases, if there is a shortage of building materials for the construction site. All this can be filed on a PDA and accessed later.