Laptop Essentials! Five Basic Accessories to Think About

Laptop Essentials! Five Basic Accessories to Think About

Everybody, it looks like, has a laptop today, and if you don’t have one, you most likely are thinking of buying one. As if it’s not difficult enough to choose from the many types and brands of laptops out there, you are also confronted with the many accessories that are available for one to. Of the overwhelmingly large amount of accessories out there, it can be certainly overwhelming to figure out what you really need for your laptop. Clearly, it is completely dependant upon your needs and plans with your computer, but there are five essentials you may want to consider to start with first.

Laptop Essential 1: If you are planning to use your laptop at home with any kind of regularity, you will want to consider getting an external keyboard and pointing device (mouse). Why? Well, believe me, if you have ever tried typing on a laptop for any more than an hour, then without a doubt you know that your neck, shoulders, and wrists can start to feel wiped out, to say the least. Well, the solution is to buy an external keyboard, which you can plug into the back of your laptop, as well as a mouse. And if you use your laptop in the office you can raise the screen up with books or risers of some sort to make looking at the screen a little more ergonomic. Of course you can also purchase accessory swivel stands for your laptop as well if you want them.

Laptop Essential 2: When your home you will most likely want to connect other peripheral devices to your laptop, like a printer, maybe a DVD player, or even a CD burner. This can create a lot of clutter with all the wires you need to plug in and unplug if you want to take your laptop out of the house or move room to room or even take it to the office. So to resolve this problem, you will absolutely love a docking station.

Now a docking station basically turns your laptop into a desktop computer when you’re home and when you’re ready to take it away, you simply slip it out of the station and off you go.

Another alternative along the same lines is a port replicator, which has computer ports. You connect your external devices to the replicator and then to your laptop. When you want to move your laptop, you simply detach the one port replicator, rather than each external device.

Laptop Essential 3: Now this isn’t as exciting as some of the other accessories, but I assure you, you will be thankful you have it, and that is an external hard drive. It’s certainly not going to make your day, and it certainly won’t throw any excitement in your life, but the morning you wake up and your laptop won’t start will be the day you are overjoyed that you decided to get that external hard drive.

Here’s a little tip to go along with your new external hard drive: never pack your backup drive and your laptop in the same case when going on a trip, keep them separated. If you happen to lose your bag with both the backup drive and the laptop in it, you’re going to have a really bad day!

Laptop Essential 4: This little device will allow you to hook up everything you need. So make sure you go out and get yourself an external USB hub. Desktop computers sometimes come with several USB ports, some with as many as 8 or 9. But, laptops since they are smaller, often only have a couple of USB ports. USB hubs will usually have four or more ports that will connect through one of your laptop’s USB port making them very easy to use to hook up multiple USB devices.

Laptop Essential 5: You need to think about the worst thing that can happen with your laptop. Now you probably bought your laptop so you can work out of the office, or your home, or wherever you need to, right? Well, since you will be out and about, you will definitely want to think about insurance for your laptop. The manufacturer’s warranty usually doesn’t cover anything beyond parts, and an extended warranty will certainly not cover theft, though it may cover you for breakage or fire.

Finally, there are literally thousands of different accessories available for your computer. Of course some you might need and others you won’t. It really depends on what your plans are for your laptop as well as where you plan on using it. Nevertheless, these five things are indispensable to making your laptop as functional to you as possible. While there may be some variation to what you need, most of these items will be valuable to anyone who owns a laptop, no matter how you expect to use your portable computer.