The Thing About A PC Spectrum Analyzer

The Thing About A PC Spectrum Analyzer

Are you looking for the best audio calibrating spectrum analyzers for your office and field use? The best option available for you include getting a PC based spectrum analyzer PC spectrum analyzer can be an ideal replacement for older, bulky and expensive test equipment. Having a PC spectrum analyzer can help save you some money as well as space. There are a number of PC spectrum analyzer units in the market available for you to check out. Here are some of them:

The ADC-212/50 and ADC-212/100 PC spectrum analyzers combine high sampling rates with high-resolution properties to give engineers an exceptional product in terms of functionality. Armed with this unit and together with the supplied software, your desktop or laptop PC can be made into a powerful dual channel spectrum analyzer that feature deep memory buffers and advanced trigger modes to allow the capture of large amounts of complex data at very high speeds.

Both PC spectrum analyzer units take advantage of a 128,000 sample memory buffer, enabling large amounts of data to be stored at high sampling rates without short waiting periods. This allows engineers to capture data from rapidly changing signals over long periods of time. These units are ideal for audio, noise and vibration measurements. PC spectrum analyzer models can do all that and more.

Most digital storage PC spectrum analyzers usually have front-end amplifiers specially designed for high bandwidth. The front-end amplifiers of the ADC-212/50 & ADC-212/100 PC spectrum analyzers exhibit very low levels of noise and distortion making them very excellent units to utilize for sound sensitivity trials.

Several instruments are combined into one small unit in the ADC-212/50 and ADC-212/100 PC spectrum analyzer. Here are just some of the features of the ADC-212/50 and ADC-212/100 PC spectrum analyzers.

Exceptional High speed, 5 GS/s dual channel oscilloscope
50 MHz, 80 db dynamic range spectrum analyzer
High resolution monitor screens
Large 128 thousand sample memory
Supplied complete with Pico Scope software
Plugs easily into any desktop or laptop PC

The convenience and easy operation as well as the current and accepted technology that is being used in the ADC-212/50 and ADC-212/100 and make them the preferred choice for spectrum analyzers and offer any on the field electronics engineer with a standard laptop computer which is handy, cost-effective and simple-to-use solution with all the utilities of current test equipment without compromising on some vital specifications.