Where Do I Claim My Free Icons?

Where Do I Claim My Free Icons?

Web designers and software developers order or buy Windows icons to use on Web pages they make and programs they create. But if you are a computer user who wants free icons to customize Windows XP or Vista desktop, you have many more options available to get them for absolutely free.

You can download free icons on the Internet, convert your digital pictures into icons or even discover free icons on your own computer.

Let’s do the download first. You can search for icons and download free icons either manually or automatically. Searching for free icon libraries on the Internet can take some time, but you can always automate the process with IconLover. IconLover lets you find and download icons from Web sites completely automatically. Download, catalog and modify icons with IconLover!

Converting image files like your own digital pictures into Windows icons is your second option to get free icons. A tool named Any to Icon can help you converting images into icon files in a batch completely automatically. IconLover and Perfect Icon can sure do the same, while offering many more advanced options to download icons from the Internet, edit and modify icons, and change icon files.

Of course, you can always draw your own icons – if you can draw, that is. The tools are right here – just throw a few hundred bucks at Corel, Adobe or another software monster, and you’ll get a copy of Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or even 3dMax if so desired. What a waste of money and your own time! Learning any of those tools takes forever and a few books. And what do you discover at the end of your learning curve? None of these program suites can even save a Windows icon in a proper ICO format! You’ll need just another program, like ArtIcons Pro, for converting your icons into Windows ICO format. But why getting that other program and use it to just convert icons when you can draw icons right there, in ArtIcons Pro?

You might be surprised to learn that your computer already holds thousands of icons. The Windows folder on your computer contains multiple desktop icons, folder icons and other icons. If you’re using Windows Vista, the icons will be in the Vista icon format already, while Windows XP users will obviously get Windows XP icons. How would you get them? Discover hidden icons on your computer with ArtIcons Pro! Extract, save and change icons with ArtIcons Pro.